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Photo slide showWe wrote an article for the Web Developer’s and Designer’s Journal that has been published in the November issue titled "Create a Photo Slide Show with Flex 2 and Picasa". It guides you on how to create a simple photo slide show in Flex 2. For this article, we decided not to use ColdFusion to appeal to a broader audience, so it just consumes the XML data produced by Picasa directly.

As usual, the source is available for download and we have a sample you can see live.

View example
Download the source

An update that includes transitions has been posted




  1. Steve Walker
    I know for this article you chose not to use Coldfusion, any chance of showing this using remoting with a CFC and a database backend?
  2. Laura
    Thank you guys.

    There is always a chance :) any time soon? maybe, it depends on how my schedule goes. But it shouldn't be too difficult to hook it to a database though.
  3. Ken Greenwood
    Hey Laura... nice work... I'm looking for the same thing Steve is... :)

    Working example of Flex/CFC/Database
  4. Lachie
    This looks great.

    What would be even better is hooking into the picasa web API. Picasa is amazingly simple for uploading images to their site. This has been done in ria forge here http://cfpicasa.riaforge.org/

    It would be great to link this app with the web component of picasa.

    Just a thought.

    Thanks for all your work in the CF world.

  5. Jim Gram
    I added a timer to automate the show, but am having difficulty adding fade effects. Since we are basically just changing the image source when using the goNext() function, how can we add effects? Ideally I'd like the current image to fade out as the next one fades in. Any input would be very helpful. Thanks.

  6. brice
    how can you added the fade and rezise effect in transitions ?

    Can you help me please ?


  7. Brian
    I hate to ask, but is it possible for you to post the actual code behind this? The current source doesn't match the example. I'm really curious on how you determined the next image size, before even loading the image.


  8. Jason
    How would you go about adding a timer to this app? I tried using the timer class and firing off the goNext function but did not get it to work. What steps would I take to add that functionality?